Years 106-124: The Mage War
* 18 year long war between ‘The Soverigns’. Powerful Mages. Altered the surface of the world
* Surface of Egis very scared. Given the nickname “Ash Lands”
* Two mages started it all. Quoeak Slivergleam and Therisius DragonMet.
Quoeak- Leader of the Mage Guild. Proud, haughty, wanted to bring arcane magic to the ruling class
* Therisius- Student at the smallest Mage Academy. Was bullied a lot. Protective of her friends and had a strong sense of right and wrong.
* Quoeak and Therisius met head to head after both armies obliterated each other. Therisius bound her soul to Quoeak and killed both of them. Ended the war, but ended up wiping out the Eladrin race entirely.

Year 132: The world has finally recovered from the magical burn off of the war. Plants have started to grow in the worst of the affected areas and people now inhabit the affected areas.
* Ecosystem has recovered enough to allow ample hunting and fishing in broken areas.
** Minotaur’s, Humans, and DragonBorn become dominant races

Year 140: Empire of Bael Turath receives ritual from the Ninth Hell in their sleep.
* Month long ritual begins to grant power to ruling class of humans.
* Noble houses that don’t participate are wiped out
* Ritual summons mass amounts of devils to appear in the city
Ruling humans make pact with devils
* Tieflings are born/created

Year 197: DragonBorn take over Uristrica as their homeland.
* Stormtooth the Blessed founds the capitol city of Murkel.
Year 198: Minotaur’s and Tieflings follow DragonBorn in claiming land
* Tepol founded by Ianmorn Lightning-Bearer on Bolevum.
* Philad founded by Irieora Marilithblood on Egis

Year 200: Minotaur’s start second capitol on Egis
* Gharon founded after Minotaur’s lay siege to the smaller Tiefling city, Kiltre.
** City claimed and built up. Fortified to become Minotaur strong hold to begin invasion of Egis.

Year 210: Minotaur’s and Tieflings reach a truce after 10 years of war.
* Minotaur’s refuse to leave, creating a strain on truce.
Year 384: A rogue group of mages try to resurrect arcane magic in the world
* They fail, sending wild and angry magic spiraling out of control. Scars the land even further, turning the world purple. These areas become known as The Magic Circles.
** The Magic Circles are unstable areas of magic, creating random effects to whoever enters them. When first created, they changed an entire city of creatures into what is now known as Shifters.

Year 451-455: War breaks out on Uristrica between two dragon gods: Sardior and Tamara.
* Sardior wins, sending Tamara into another realm. Her clergy are scattered through other churches

Year 602: Walben the Zealot declares war on the world. Gathers an army and conquers ¾ of the world.
* He becomes a tyrant, and sets oppression down on every town and city he can get to.
* His reign lasts 35 years. He is succeeded by his son, Jamros.
** Jamros is assassinated before he can take command of the army. World is split back up under separate rule once more.

Year 647: Disaster strikes Bolevum’s northern half. Earthquakes split the earth.
* Creates 4 rivers, 2 lakes, and 2 inlets.
* Thousands drown in the lake created near Tepol.
* Takes 3 years to rebuild enough of Kallhrad to be a useable city.
* A well known adventuring party goes to explore the island in the middle of the first lake, and disappear.

Year 700: First steam powered deep sea boats are built.
* Design is sold to the highest bidder. Goes to the Tiefling Warlord Kevgeon Helltalon.
* Kevgeon creates first fleet of Steam Powered Ships.
** Tieflings dominate the sea.

Year 780: Tiefling subtypes split. The Shibiri are born.
* The Shibiri are like Tieflings in every aspect, except instead of fire based are water based.
* Born of the Tieflings that live at sea.
* Kevgeon is claimed to be the creator of the Shibiri.
Shibari never dock their boats. They survive completely at sea.
* The only time one will encounter them is travel between continents. They’re extremely uncomfortable on land.

Year 865 to 986: Minotaur king Moryavor assassinated
* Tieflings break the truce by killing the Minotaur king.
** War breaks out. Still fighting to Current Day.

Years 904 to 986: DragonBorn King Melqkal SkyEater sporadically changes personality.
* Orders all male DragonBorn of age to appear and enlist in his army
* Ends any and all trade with other continents and orders farmers to expand their fields to produce for the country.
* Sets a law that forbids anyone coming or going from the country without proper paperwork.
Needs kings approval to leave country. But he rarely gives it.
** Cuts communication with entire world. No one really knows whats going on in Uristrica

Year 955 to 986: Tieflings develop steam technology. Begin creating personal technology.
* Half of landlocked Tieflings embrace the steampunk era.
* The other half reject it completely.
** The technology is still very new. Its still in its beginning stages, and so is very very crude.

Year 986: Current Day


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