10th level Human Fighter


Armor Class: 24 (base 10, Dex +2, armor +6, shield +5, ring +1)
Touch AC: 13
Flat Footed AC: 22

SAVING THROWS Total [base]
Fortitude (Con) 11 [7] (Con 2, cloak +2)
Reflex (Dex) +7 [
3] (Dex 2, cloak +2)
Will (Wis) +7 [
3] (Wis +2, cloak +2)

Base Attack Bonus: 15/10 melee, 12/7 ranged 10/5]
Grapple: 15 (BAB +10, Str +5) [20 to resist grapple using shield]


At an early age, Ysabela’s father knew that his daughter would never grow to be a great beauty, so he knew he wouldn’t be able to marry her off to a wealthy family. Because her mother died in childbirth, Ysabela grew up having a strong spirit, so her father also knew that a life of farming just wouldn’t be for her. But that girl knew her way around a woodpile, and she could swing an axe like a titan. Seeing this potential in his only child, Ysabela’s father got out his old war chest, oiled up his armor and shield, and began to show her the way of the warrior. She took to the lessons well, and soon she was the terror of the local grove – those trees never stood a chance. But trees don’t fight back, and Ysabela’s father worried at her overconfidence.

Several years later, Ysabela came of age, and had planned to marry a kindly shopkeeper in town. But one day during a visit into town, a drifting ruffian was causing some trouble, and at the first sign of one of the townsfolk being harmed, Ysabela picked up a woodsman’s axe and dispatched the brigand without any hesitation. They later said that he died quite surprised. While the townsfolk were greatful, from that day forward they never looked at Ysabela in quite the same way ever again. Things also changed between her and the kindly shopkeeper, and she decided that she would have to leave the region and seek a life of travel and adventuring, where if she had to endure the uncomfortable stares of the locals, at least she would get paid for her trouble. The life of an axe-for-hire eventually led Ysabela to her meeting the other members of the adventuring group.


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