9th level Poison Dusk Lizardfolk Scout


Armor Class: 20 (base 10, small 1, natural armor +3, Dex +4, flaw -1, bracers +2, ring +1)
Skirmish AC: 22/24 (move 10’ +2co/move 20’ +4co)
Touch AC: 15 (with Skirmish: 17/19)
4do AC against AoO caused by my own movement]
Flat Footed AC: 17 (with Uncanny Dodge: 20)

SAVING THROWS Total [base]
Fortitude (Con) 7 [3] (Con 2, Battle Fortitude +1, +1co)
Reflex (Dex) +11 [
6] (Dex 4, +1co, a successful save for half causes no damage)
Will (Wis) +6 [
3] (Wis +3)

Base Attack Bonus: 9/4 melee, 11/6 ranged 6/1] (small +1)
Grapple: +4 (BAB +6, Str +2, racial/size -4)


S’ssei was the first of his brood to hatch, always grabbing the first morsels from his mother’s jaws, the first to creep outside of the nest, and the first to achieve his own live kill of prey. As with many others in his tribe, he began to follow the path of the ranger, but an unfortunate incident involving a manticore left S’ssei permanently scarred, and he shied away from the path that involved so much interaction with the beasts of the wild. This caused his aversion to anything resembling a large feline, or anything having large leathery wings. This also led to one of his personal mottos; “it’s still to close”. S’ssei continued training with the bow, and found a calling that, while not the preferred path of his people, was still accepted by his tribe – so he took up the life of a scout. As he was always the first to try or do new things, being out ahead of those he took up with during his travels suited S’ssei. He took work with many different peoples during his travels, and picked up several speech idiosyncrasies because of it. S’ssei eventually fell in with some regular adventurers, and has been through many scrapes and seen many wonders while in their company.


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