General Leo


“This Interview is being recorded and may be given in evidence when you are officially given a court martial. The time is 2100 hours on (relevant date) 985. This interview is taking place at Mukel Supreme Headquarters, Enhanced Truth Attainment chambers.”


“Can you give me your full name please?”

“Major (name excised), Serial number (number excised)”

“…And your date of birth…?”

(Expletive deleted)

“Very unbecoming and un-mutual, General. Now that you’ve been settled down, can you confirm for the purpose of this hearing that there are no other unmentioned persons present in the interview room?”

“…There are not.”

“I now need to caution you, and its important that you understand what the caution means, so you do not have to say anything but it may harm your defense if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do or say may be given in evidence. Do you understand?”


“You have the right to free and independent advice. Do you require the services of a solicitor?”


“Any reason why not?”

“You know as well as I do that this is a farce. I’m not going to waste anyone’s time if I don’t have to. And I won’t fall for your trap.”

“For the purposes of this record, tell me why you think you’ve been detained?”

“I’m prepared to tell you a hell of a lot more then that! How about the fact that King Mel—” (Abruptly cut off)

“Just stick to the questions asked. Three days ago you were brought in for questioning… you were, as I recall, quite recalcitrant, I might add. (Censor)(/Censor) Have you had time to think about the offer I proposed to you?”

“Yes I have. And as much as I think you’re scum, wasting your time trying to destroy the reputation of a good and decent officer, I have to say that you make an offer that is difficult to refuse. Beside, I know the General would not want me to let innocents die just to spare him.”

“A wise choice. Begin, please. Tell me all you know.”

“As you know, I was his Biographer. So let’s start at the beginning.”

The General was born disfigured. His genesis was not particularly auspicious except for that fact. One of his eyes is blind, the other is barely functional. Both have a grotesque blood and vein look. So I guess in this sense, he was exceptional: Most dragonborn are born physically perfect.

It was quite a blow in prestige for his broodtenders, whose embarrassment at his deformity led them to send the young dragonborn to one of the farthest corners of Uristrica. However, in that isolated environment he thrived, taking up a magical blindfold and as a result cultivated in him an uncanny sense of movement through space. He channeled this insight into leadership, especially after his silver dragon blood made the powers of metamorphosis available to him.

He studied hard and rose through the ranks of military. His service was distinguished, he was noted as a genius at breaking lines and formations and exploiting the revealed gaps. Though he showed no lack of ambition… it wasn’t power he craved. He is simply in love with combat itself; The sting and clash of two forces fighting for victory and survival.

Then of course there was the unfortunate incident with the king, but i’m sure you don’t want that retold. So instead i’ll relate an incident that’s fresh on my mind whenever I consider the general.

His most notable exploit happened during the battle of Evangelist Ridge, when then-major Leo was instilling confidence in his men while keeping a flask of some liquid confidence of his own close by. Suddenly, he spotted some Tepolnites peaking down on him from their higher ground at Evangelist Ridge. So, being an officer and a gentleman, he raised his flask to them and calmly toasted them with the words: “Here’s at you!”

The Tepolnites, pissed off at the display, responded with a volley of concussive arrows that splattered the Dragonborn and his Uristrician officers with dirt. Leo, his toast so rudely interupped, turned at his assailants and roared…

“How ungenerous! I’ll melt your weapons for that!”

His army promptly mistook this outburst as an order and stormed up the slopes toward the Tepolniths on Evangelist Ridge, along with the seething Leo himself — while Leo’s bewildered superior was left wondering what the hell was going on.

The Tepolnites fled in panic, with angry Leo in hot pursuit. Lauching fireball after freezing breath after sonic burst, he didn’t stop until he realized that they had won ages ago and he was in fact the only Uristrican officer who was still fighting.

The battle of Evangelist Ridge was a spectacular victory that likely cost the Tepolnites the war in the Western Uristrica and elevated Leo’s immediate superior to command all of Uristrican armies. As that commander would later remark in paperwork and while presenting Leo’s elevation to general: “To Leo’s prompt movement of his army we the military, and the nation, are indebted… Except for his prompt pursui, so much in this way would not have been accomplished.”

Though leo would later profess that he gave up drinking that day, he and his hip flask had helped shape the Uristrican nation.


“Thank you, that will be enough for now. You may return the prisoner to his cell. We in the government thank you for your… cooperation.”


General Leo

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